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Police in Roswell arrest teenager following standoff

Roswell Police arrested a very young man yesterday after a half-hour standoff.

They took the teenager into custody on Plains Park Drive west of Union Avenue.

Police say someone reported the boy as a runaway recently, and he escaped deputies Monday.

Roswell murder suspect arrested in California

California authorities have arrested a Roswell man suspected of murder.

The Roswell Daily Record reports the arrest of 27-year-old Steve Guardado.

Todd Wildermuth from Roswell Police says police in Modesto, California took Guardado into custody during a traffic stop 12 days ago.

Authorities have accused Guardado of shooting 22-year-old Stormy Joel Vargas outside a Roswell home two years ago.

MainStreet programs in Carlsbad, Artesia receive recognition

The MainStreet communities of Carlsbad and Artesia have received recognition.

They have met the commercial district revitalization performance standards set by the National Main Street Center.

The center and its partners annually honor communities committed to historic preservation and revitalization.

The standards include fostering strong public-private partnerships, securing an operating budget, tracking progress, and actively preserving historic buildings.

Roswell Police keep looking for man who fired shots

Roswell Police continue looking for a man who allegedly fired his gun into the air last night on South Michigan Avenue.

A sergeant says an officer attending to an unrelated call heard seven gunshots two blocks away from him.

In the ensuing moments, 911 dispatchers received multiple calls.

Police surrounded a home and ordered everyone out, but they did not find the suspect.

UTEP to hold pre-season camp in Ruidoso

Football gives you another reason to go to Ruidoso this summer.

UTEP has decided to hold training camp at The Lodge at Sierra Blanca this year.

Head coach Sean Kugler tells The Prospector that The Lodge provides top-notch facilities and living conditions that best help the players prepare for the upcoming season.

The Miners work out in Ruidoso Aug. 5 through Aug. 16.

Family returns dog tags to veteran’s relatives

Basil Robinson’s relatives have his military dog tags back.

The Roswell Daily Record reports a family found them in a dumpster while searching for scrap metal.

Five years ago, Robinson moved closer to the VA hospital in Albuquerque. He put most of his belongings into two storage lockers.

These belongings included the dog tags and several medals.

Someone, however, broke into the lockers and cleared out the contents.

The Wooddells posted a photo of the tags on Facebook Saturday. Robinson’s father Jim had them on Sunday.

The family says Robinson died last year from heart complications associated with his service in Desert Storm.

Work begins on temporary ventilation system at WIPP

Workers at WIPP have started installing a temporary ventilation system to increase airflow there.

The system includes two above-ground filter units and fans that connect to ductwork feeding WIPP’s underground portions.

The plant closed last year after a radiation release. That stemmed from a chemical reaction among waste improperly packed inside a drum at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

All air exiting the underground now passes through filters.

Officials say more airflow allows more workers underground.

Dog tags turn up in Roswell dumpster

A Roswell couple hopes the owner or his family comes forward and claims dog tags they found.

The Wooddells found the military ID as they removed some scrap metal from a dumpster on North Main Street on Saturday.

The Roswell Daily Record reports someone has informed the family that the person whose name the tags bear has died, and his brother lives outside New Mexico.

Work continues to confirm the claim on the tags from a family member.

New details surface in Ruidoso shooting

State police have more information on last week’s fatal shooting involving Ruidoso Police.

KOB-TV cites a report from the troopers that shows 27-year-old Timothy Jones had a sword as officers responded to a home for an apparent domestic disturbance.

The report shows Jones’ 56-year-old mother told a 911 dispatcher that he “wanted to kill her.”

Investigators say Jones aggressively charged the officers with the sword, and they shot him after he refused to drop it.

The officers remain on administrative leave.

Boy dies, eight others injured in rollover near Carlsbad

State police continue investigating Friday’s crash in Eddy County that killed a boy.

The rollover injured six children and two other people.

A sergeant says 31-year-old Angela Sotelo of Hobbs drove south of Carlsbad on US 62/180 when a tire blew.

This caused the vehicle to roll into the median.

The sergeant says Sotelo had her three children and her sister’s four children in the car.

Investigators say the crash ejected seven-year-old Vialkon Villagrana from the car. He died at the scene.

They claim he and another child did not have proper restraints.