Chaves Co. Sheriff’s Office looking for information on deceased man

The Chaves County Sheriff’s Office wants help in the finding the family of someone it found dead.

It found this person and a dog dead along with a green Dodge Ram pickup with Arizona plates.

The office made the discovery last Friday in a rural area northwest of Roswell.

It has mentioned 79-year-old Robert Rezabek as a possible identity. He had an Arizona driver’s license showing an address in Tucson.

However, Tucson Police have found very little information on Rezabek, other than he lived alone. No one has filed a missing person report on him.

The sheriff’s office believes this person and the dog likely died from exposure, and it has found no evidence of foul play.

It wants to send this information throughout New Mexico and Arizona so it can find next of kin.

The state medical investigator’s office continues working on confirming the identity.