Former jail guard convicted in kidnapping case

A former jail guard awaits sentencing in a kidnapping case.

This follows a Roswell Police investigation two years ago that led to four arrests.

It all stems from the abduction and severe beating of a man whose attackers left him for dead on a road south of town.

Police say 23-year-old Bryan Ramos drove the car in the case. They claim he and three others forced this man at gunpoint into the vehicle.

The ride stretched from a park off South Main Street in Roswell to a lonely road south of Hagerman.

Police believe the beating followed a $300 drug deal that ended badly.

Ramos worked as a county detention officer at the time. His sentencing hearing could have happened this month, but court has postponed it and has not rescheduled it.

Of the three other defendants, one has pleaded guilty and the other two go to trial in December.