The New Mexico Department of Transportation continues the vital work of clearing roads throughout the state. Crews have been out working 24-hours a day since the beginning of the storm, working to keep roads safe for the traveling public and to reopen roads in the areas most heavily impacted by the storm. Available equipment is maximized so it is kept on the road and staffed, even if labor must be brought in from other areas. Below is an estimate of what has been accomplished by crews up to this point.

To date, NMDOT has deployed approximately 78 crews since Saturday. This is approximately 625 heavy equipment operators alternating 12-hour shifts. Not including trucks and support vehicles, about 450 pieces of heavy equipment have been used throughout the storm, including:

Yesterday afternoon, James Abner of the Artesia Fire Department, said they
received a call about an explosive devise on Kincaid Ranch Road. He also said
They got word on a roof collapse at the civic center in Carlsbad.

Two days after Winter Storm Goliath slammed Roswell, dropping more than a foot of snow amid strong winds that created drifts several feet high, another snowstorm came to town, dumping a fresh layer of snow over the city that had just started digging out from the weekend. Snow began to fall about midday yesterday, setting off yet another winter weather event for the area.
The National Weather Service expected the snow showers to be short-lived, as sunny skies were forecast for today. Temperatures are expected to rise above the freezing mark to around 40 degrees, with the low Wednesday night dipping down to around 16 degrees.

– Mount Sinai United Methodist Church has its doors open constantly now to the homeless of Carlsbad looking for shelter against the cold.
Director of Carlsbad Transitional Housing and Homeless Shelter, Brian McGonagall, said that the shelter has been seeing up to 10 residents each night.
The shelter will be housed at Mount Sinai until the beginning of the year, when it will transition to the First Nazarene Church.