Bolema Sentenced To Two Years Prison For DUI Crash In Artesia

Blake Bollema has received a prison sentence of two years after a crash in Artesia that he caused while driving drunk. A family of six people were seriously hurt. The 32 year-old Bollema sat in court Wednesday and learned his sentence from 5th Judicial District Judge Lisa Riley. The prison term will be followed by eight years of supervised reelease. Last week, Bollema struck a plea deal with prosecutors, pleading no contest to six counts of causing great bodily harm by vehicle and misdemeanor DWI, among other charges. Police say Bollema left the scene of the crash on US 285 and 13th Street. He later came back, telling police that he had gone to get medical help for his passenger. Bollema refused to submit to a breath test. It was only after police got a warrant hours later that they were able to draw Bollema’s blood and find that his blood alcohol content at that time was .08. The family involved in the crash has now filed a civil lawsuit against Bollema, as well.