Roswell Now Offering Free Wood Chips To Residents

The City of Roswell Solid Waste Department recently purchased a wood chipper and will be making wood chips available to Roswell citizens who may want to use them to landscape their residential or business properties or use them in other ways. Beginning today, the wood chips will be offered free of charge to City of Roswell residents. People can pick up the wood chips at the Roswell Municipal Landfill (3006 W. Brasher St.). Citizens can bring a shovel and bags to load themselves while landfill employees can help load trucks and trailers. The wood chips are available in three sizes: 2-inch, 11/2-inch and 3/4-inch. The new wood chipper is being used to chip tree branches and most other wood waste that comes into the landfill. It is operated by trained and certified Solid Waste employees.