Public Input Sought On Latest Roswell Wayfinding Signage Project

In a continuing effort to establish and enhance Roswell’s wayfinding signage to guide residents and travelers to popular public destinations, the City of Roswell is working with a landscape-architecture design company to further develop the city’s plan to expand its network of signs to direct people to key facilities and other locations.

Roswell citizens are encouraged to be part of this important process by contributing their input through a survey that can be taken on the project website at The survey will be open until May 14. In addition, local residents can attend a virtual public meeting to discuss the wayfinding project May 11 from noon to 1 p.m. The link to attend the meeting is found on the website.

The current project will build on the work done by previous wayfinding projects, with all these efforts being drawn together with the goal of creating the most effective and attractive means to guide residents and travelers to sites including government buildings, educational and healthcare facilities, museums, parks, trails, sports facilities, public transportation stops and other points of interest. Roswell has many unique and engaging resources and destinations, and this plan will better connect residents and visitors to
everything Roswell has to offer. The intent is to have the wayfinding plan establish consistent and cohesive design standards for wayfinding signage while celebrating the community’s history and identity.