Fishing Not Permitted At Bird Sanctuary

Many birds benefit from the habitat and natural resources at the J. Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center in west Roswell. At the same time, many citizens and visitors to the city enjoy watching the birds and strolling through the sanctuary at 401 N. Sycamore Ave.

Something that should not be done at this location, however, is fishing in the ponds. Fishing is prohibited in order to protect the water resources that are important to the birds and other wildlife. Fishing in the ponds, which are not very deep, can result in damage (tearing and punctures) to the liner of the ponds. Such damage would hinder the ponds’ ability to retain the water.

The City of Roswell Parks and Recreation Department asks everyone to adhere to the no-
fishing rule at the bird sanctuary so the ponds can be properly maintained for the benefit of

the birds and other wildlife and people can continue to enjoy this nature-focused site.