Hot Vehicles Quickly Create Danger To Children

With temperatures regularly soaring into the 90s and triple digits in Roswell and other areas of southeast New Mexico, it is critically important for everyone to be well aware of the danger hot vehicles pose to young children who may be unable to get out of a vehicle themselves.

Parents and other child caregivers must raise their awareness of the importance of never leaving children inside unattended vehicles. The temperature inside a parked vehicle can quickly reach lethal levels in hot, or even warm, weather. Babies and other young children, and pets as well, are not able to escape a hot vehicle on their own.

The Roswell Police Department and Roswell Fire Department remind everyone all it takes is a brief distraction, or trying to hurry through a busy day, or dealing with stress or other emotions to cause a parent or other caretaker to exit a vehicle without thinking about a child who was along on the trip. Don’t let a moment of forgetfulness turn into a tragedy.

Take whatever steps necessary to remember a child is with you, and certainly never knowingly leave a child in the car for even just what you think will be a brief moment.