Roswell Fire Talks Fireworks Safety

If you will be using personal fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July, RFD asks you to keep the following safety precautions in mind. Also, be aware of what types of fireworks are legal in Roswell and what ones are not.

Take Necessary Precautions

— Do not wear loose clothing while using fireworks.

— Never light fireworks indoors or near dry grass.

— Point fireworks away from homes, and keep away from brush, leaves and flammable substances.

Be Prepared for an Accident or Injury

— Stand several feet away from lit fireworks. If a device does not go off, do not stand over it to investigate it. Put it out with water and dispose of it.

— Always have a bucket of water and/or a fire extinguisher nearby. Know how to operate the fire extinguisher properly.

— If a child is injured by fireworks, immediately go to a doctor or hospital. If an eye injury occurs, don’t allow your child to touch or rub it, as this may cause even more damage.

Be Extra Careful With Sparklers

— Little arms are too short to hold sparklers, which can heat up to 1,200 degrees. Consider letting your young children use glow sticks instead. They can be just as fun but they don’t burn at a temperature hot enough to melt glass.

— Closely supervise children around fireworks at all times.