RPD Promotes School Safety

The beginning of a new school year means new adventures for many children: new friends to meet, new teachers to get used to, new academic subjects to learn and master, and for some students, new school buildings to figure out. With all this facing local kids as school begins anew Aug. 4, children may not be paying as much attention as they should to
safely getting to and from school.

So it’s important for parents and other adults to talk to children about staying safe as they make the regular trip to school and home again. The Roswell Police Department asks parents and guardians to remind children to look both directions before crossing a street, try to cross in a crosswalk, and never head into the street from between parked vehicles or from in front of or behind a parked vehicle – it can be difficult for a driver to have enough time to stop if a previously unseen child darts out suddenly. Also, parents should consider a “practice” walk with their children to school or the bus stop, especially for younger students and those who will be learning a new route to a new school or bus stop.