Eddy County Scam Alert

Eddy County Treasurer, Laurie Pruitt, has been made aware of a gentleman going door to door stating his name is “Robert Cash” and telling citizens that their property taxes are delinquent and is claiming their home will be sold at a tax auction very soon. He is offering to buy the property to keep it from being sold and says he will pay the taxes.

Reports indicate that this gentleman is in the Artesia area, but may travel to other areas of Eddy County.

It is important for citizens to know that the Eddy County Treasurer’s Office, or any Official Eddy County office, will never send anyone to your door or call you on the phone asking for payment or personal information.

Please contact the Eddy County Treasurer’s office in Carlsbad: 575-885-3913 or Artesia: 575-746-9879, if you have been approached by this individual and do not give him any money.