Roswell City Manager Joe Neeb Resigns

Rather than see whether the city council would affirm Roswell Mayor Timothy Jenning’s suspension of city manager Joe Neeb, Neeb submitted a resignation letter on Thursday. Both items were on the public agenda for Thursday council meeting, but were abruptly removed after councilors received a copy of Neeb’s letter. The city nor the mayor have been willing to discuss why Neeb was placed on an unpaid suspension on October 21st, and at least one council member said Thursday that she thinks the public deserves to know what’s going on. Council Member Jeanine Corn Best even went so far as to say she believes Neeb was “bullied” out of the job. State law allows mayors to suspend city employees temporarily, but it also requires the full council to determine whether it agrees with such a move. Neeb, meanwhile, will continue on the city’s payroll through February 22nd, using up all of his vacation and sick time until then. Deputy City Manager Mike Mathews will serve in the interim until the city finds a permanent replacement.