Artesia Schools Superintendent Announces Retirement

The Superintendent of Artesia Public Schools, Thad Phipps, announced his retirement at the Artesia School Board meeting this week. The School Board is thankful for Thad’s many years of service as a teacher, coach, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. Thad’s exemplary work ethic, compassion, and dedication to his work have enabled him to positively influence and educate our students. As superintendent, Thad has provided great leadership for our district and for education in New Mexico. The School Board is especially appreciative of Thad’s significant and tireless efforts to constructively influence state legislation and regulation of our schools and to advocate for the principles and beliefs of our community. When no one else was willing to make a statement or to take a stand at the state level, he had the courage and the will to stand alone to represent our ideals and beliefs. The Board will miss Thad, but we know that his servant’s heart will lead him to other beneficial roles in our community.