Stage 1 Water Restrictions Activated In Carlsbad

In the midst of a scorching summer, the City of Carlsbad’s Stage One Water
Restrictions have been put into effect, Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway announced.
The most significant restriction is when residents can water outdoors with a
sprinkler or hose. Residents with an odd number should water on Wednesdays,
Fridays or Sundays before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. Residents with even numbered
addresses should water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays before 10 a.m. or
after 6 p.m. No watering is allowed on Mondays.

This watering schedule has already been in place as a recommendation, but it
becomes mandatory with the activation of the Stage One Water Restriction. The
restriction will remain in place until the City believes it may be lifted. The
restriction is based upon aquifer and chloride levels.
Water restrictions were put in place in 2011, when council passed an ordinance to
preserve and protect water resources. There are some exceptions, such as newly
seeded or sodded lawns, or newly planted trees or shrubs. Plants that can’t be
kept alive without daily watering may be watered from a bucket during times
when watering is prohibited.
The ordinance also includes some restrictions on restaurants and the City itself.
Restaurants are only supposed to provide drinking water when customers ask for
it. The City is in the process of implementing reductions in the volume of water
used on parks, and is tasked with repairing leaks as quickly as possible.
“The City of Carlsbad has an excellent long-term water plan,” said Carlsbad Mayor
Dale Janway. “However, this summer’s heat has been brutal. We all need to work
together to protect our water.”