ENMU Sees Largest Enrollment Growth In The Last Decade

Eastern New Mexico University released enrollment data on Friday, Sept. 8; the results showed the most significant enrollment growth in the last decade. With a first-time freshman class up 14.4%, new transfer students up 16.5%, and total graduate enrollment up 3.3%, overall enrollment increased to 5,398, a 5.7% increase from last year.

Full-time students for both undergraduate and graduate classes are up, leading to an 8.4% increase in student credit hours, adding over 4,000 more student credit hours compared to the 22-23 school year.

ENMU’s student population represents all of New Mexico’s 33 counties, 53 U.S. states/territories, and 34 countries worldwide.

Residence halls and on-campus apartments were close to capacity on the first day of classes as ENMU continues to see increases in its students attending in-person classes at the University.

This marks the second consecutive year of overall enrollment growth for the University.