UFO Festival Offers Vendor, Sponsor Opportunities

This is a special year for the Roswell UFO Festival and the City of Roswell is welcoming vendors and sponsors to be a part of the annual event that attracts visitors from throughout the world.

2022 marks the 75th anniversary of the Roswell Incident in the summer of 1947, which some believe was an encounter with aliens that crash-landed on a ranch northwest of Roswell. The Air Force simply called it a weather balloon. There are many differing opinions, but one thing is certain – the “UFO Capital of the World,” Roswell, N.M., is known internationally by UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike!

This annual destination festival, which will be held July 1-3, includes plenty of immersive experiences, live music, local food, out-of-this-world photo ops, and other family-friendly events happening at various locations in the city.

Vendors who would like a spot at the festival to showcase their wares and services can find the online information and application at ufofestival.com/vendors.

Businesses and organizations that want to take advantage of this opportunity to get some prime public exposure by participating in the festival as a sponsor can find the online
information packet at ufofestival.com/sponsorship. Different levels of sponsorships are available.