Catalytic Converter Thefts

An ongoing investigation has resulted in charges being filed against multiple people, as well as charges expected to be filed against additional people, in connection to numerous instances of catalytic converters being stolen from vehicles.
As the investigation continues and more people are charged, the Roswell Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division is asking citizens who have been victims of catalytic-converter thefts, but have not reported those incidents to police, to make those reports now.

Investigators are particularly interested in any thefts that may have occurred between July 2022 and October 2022. Thefts in that time period could possibly be connected to the current
investigation. The Roswell Police Department can be contacted at 575-624-6770.

The investigation began last year. Initial charges were filed against one suspect last November. Since then, the investigation continues and has resulted in charges against other suspects believed to be connected to local catalytic-converter thefts.