RPD Arrests Teenager Wanted For Walmart Killing

The 18 year old man wanted for shooting and killing another teenager inside the Roswell Walmart store – has been apprehended. Joshua Ray Martinez was captured at an apartment near Southeast Main Street and Hobbs late Monday afternoon, according to a statement from RPD. Police responded to the store Saturday night and found 19 year old Steve Soltero shot to death. Witnesses said Soltero and Martinez had been fighting. Police used the store’s surveillance system to see that Martinez began following Soltero and his girlfriend. When Soltero turned around, the two exchanged hand gestures and exchanged a few words. Soltero’s girlfriend attempted tp punch Martinez after Martinze tried to shove Soltero. As Soltero tried to walk away, Martinez is seen pursuing him and opening fire with a handgun at him, police said.